Case Study: Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

22nd March 2024

Sophie Morrison is the Medical Devices Safety Officer (MDSO) at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. The organisation is responsible for patient care within mental health, physical health and community services across Hampshire. They have an installed base of approximately 13,000 medical devices, covering a wide range of equipment typologies, utilised across more than 300 sites. Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust required BCAS Biomed’s skillset to commission a working solution for their maintenance, assets management and disposal requirements.


Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust required a service partner to provide a total managed solution for maintenance, asset management and environmentally sustainable disposal, all whilst ensuring a high level of patient safety and compliance. BCAS Biomed provided the expertise to implement and maintain whole lifecycle management of medical devices from procurement, through to WEEE compliant disposal.


BCAS Biomed’s technical service delivery team took on the responsibility of maintaining the entire fleet of devices. They implemented a more proactive approach to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) which dramatically improved levels of patient safety and compliance. In addition to the regular PPM servicing, BCAS Biomed commissioned a comprehensive asset management system which is able to track each piece of equipment and record its service history, age, condition, and location.


Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust had a key focus on improving patient safety compliance. By working in partnership with BCAS Biomed, compliance levels improved dramatically and are currently exceeding the KPI’s set by the Trust. Partnering with BCAS Biomed has resulted in improved equipment management leading to radically improved levels of compliance. By providing comprehensive maintenance services, establishing an efficient inventory system, and facilitating sustainable disposal, BCAS Biomed has enabled the Trust to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs.


A collaborative approach between BCAS Biomed and the Trust has achieved outstanding results by adopting an innovative approach to this critically important activity. Utilising proven healthcare solutions and working hand in hand with the Trust, BCAS Biomed transformed the levels of patient safety and compliance whilst unlocking significant cost efficiencies. BCAS Biomed and the Trust continue to work in partnership in a relationship underpinned by openness and honesty with a shared goal of ensuring that patients and their safety are at the very heart of everything.