Carbon 10

Who are we?

We’re a flexible and agile British SME healthcare partner, ensuring the full safety compliance of over 100,000 medical devices.

As a whole lifecycle healthcare provider, we specialise in identifying, procuring, maintaining, managing and the disposal of medical devices.

We’re proud to be a trusted NHS partner with a proven track record across the entire healthcare landscape, including: Acute Community, Mental Health and HMP services to name a handful.

We aim to improve return on investment in a number of ways, such as: optimising capital investment, delivering improved equipment uptime as well as providing a high quality and cost effective service.

At BCAS Biomed, we are the leading provider of healthcare engineering solutions, specialising in the management and maintenance of medical equipment.

There has never been more pressure on the NHS than there is today, which is why it is incredibly important to be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our team of engineers are proud to be able to increase medical device availability, alongside a higher level of compliance, allowing you to treat more patients.

We strive to improve your levels of service and device availability to increase productivity, all whilst reducing costs. Through our expertise, we can help you reduce OEM service contract costs by up to 30%, amongst a host of other benefits.

Our engineers will help you better understand your device estate and make informed data-driven decisions. Our proactive Equipment Replacement Programmes will provide insight into the age, condition and failure rate of your devices.

We believe our collaborative approach to solution delivery achieves a win-win outcome for all parties.

At a glance:

  • Delivering tangible cost savings by improving efficiency, up-time and availability through equipment optimisation programmes
  • CQC compliance
  • Environmental sustainability awareness
  • Availability of additional engineering resources
  • Technical and financial audit services
  • Equipment planning and disposal in accordance with WEEE directives
  • Providing support with OEM contract management

Source Medical are a true one-stop shop for healthcare equipment procurement and we also provide a range of innovative technology solutions.

We optimise Equipment Replacement Programmes with decisions based on asset data, therefore helping to eliminate unpredictable equipment spend.

Through our hybrid asset tracking solution, you’ll be able to benefit from improved productivity by knowing where everything is. For example, you’ll be able to track your Bodyguard syringe pumps anywhere with our lockbox tracking solution.

When working in the healthcare industry, patient care is vital – our Environmental Monitoring Solutions reduce risk and provide efficiency savings to give your staff the ability to concentrate on what matters most.

We’re proud to have developed our own bladder scanner – the CBS02 – a small and lightweight, yet highly powerful and practical 3D scanner. The size of the device makes it perfect for rapid measurement of a bladder in adult, paediatric and bariatric patients.

At a glance:

  • Streamlining procurement and commissioning to improve efficiency and deliver cost savings

  • Exclusive supplier of the CBS02 bladder scanner

  • Asset management and tracking solutions

  • Vendor agnostic procurement services

  • Equipment replacement and standardisation programmes

  • Healthcare fitness and rehabilitation equipment

  • Environmental monitoring solutions

Your Complete Healthcare Solutions Partner
  • Trusted British SME healthcare partner since 2005.
  • Ensuring full safety compliance of more than 100,000 medical devices.
  • Expertise spanning: Identifying, procuring, maintaining, managing and disposal of medical devices.
  • Proven track record of delivering improved return on investment.